Antstream Arcade and Epic offer Retro Gamers Mega Deal Access to Over 1000 Games

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The world’s largest cloud gaming platform Antstream Arcade is celebrating a record breaking year of growth by offering a Mega Deal on its premium ad-free subscription service to all users via the Epic Games Store over the Christmas period.

Users subscribing to Antstream Arcade through the Epic Games Store will be able to access 12 months of Antstream’s premium subscription tier for $19.99(equivalent $1.67 per month). Premium membership gives players unlimited ad-free access to the platform’s 1200+ retro games, challenges and multiplayer tournaments, as well as priority access to all the new features coming in 2022.

With the largest library of retro games of any gaming service, Antstream Arcade’s platform allows players to enjoy iconic classics including Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat, on almost any device. This Mega Deal offer is available from December 16th until 6th January through the Epic Games Store to users worldwide.

Steve Cottam, CEO at Antstream Arcade, said: “This Christmas we wanted to give something back to the users of Antstream Arcade that have helped make 2021 our most successful year ever.  Our goal has always been to bring some of the greatest games ever created to a connected global community through the medium of cloud gaming. Thanks to the hard work of the team at Antstream, our many partners, and retro gamers around the world, we’ve been able to make retro games from the arcade era and beyond more accessible than ever, while pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cloud gaming. Unlike other cloud gaming platforms that might have only a hundred games, Antstream offers players access to well over a thousand titles. With more being added every week, we’re confident everyone will be able to find something they enjoy.”

Antstream Arcade features fully licensed and fully playable retro games from publishers including Disney, Warner Brothers, Taito, Atari and Bandai-Namco, as well as a huge range of smaller indie developers and IP owners from the arcade era and beyond. Thanks to Antstream’s cloud gaming platform, gamers can access any game from its world leading library instantly, and play as much as they want without having to deal with downloads or microtransactions. Moving into 2022, Antstream Arcade will continue to expand the platform’s library of games and features in order to make retro gaming as accessible as possible for everyone.