gets a makeover: Planet Entertainment’s “data hub” is on air with enhanced content for football fanatics

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The innovative database dedicated to football is online with a new graphic look, on air with an OOH advertising in Cadorna, Milan, until December 28th

Analysis, statistics, data, and in-depth information about the world’s most popular sport: these are the key features of Calcio. com, the innovative “data hub” for football fanatics, on air from today with a new look and richer content.

The website official debut is going to take place in the heart of Milan. From December 12th to December 28th, the M1 and M2 lines of the Cadorna underground station will be entirely branded Calcio. com. With the collaboration of IGPDecaux, Leading Italian player in outdoor communication, Calcio. com’s “station domination” will include stairs, ticket barriers and billboards that will present the new Planet Entertainment infotainment brand to Milanese passengers and citizens.

The project, developed by Planet Entertainment, the SKS365 group division dedicated to value- added services, has been revamped with a new brand identity and with much more in depth statistics. Calcio. com will allow football fans to satisfy all kind of curiosity about teams, leagues and players including club comparisons, team and history results, season by season market operations and statistics based on each player. All football data are collected in a precious archive featuring rankings, calendars and rosters of past seasons which covers over 100 national and international competitions.

“With Calcio. com we inaugurate a new exciting challenge for the group. This project matches the company’s mission to offer pure entertainment and be an added value in the sports experience for all fans – commented Anniina Rantala, SKS365 Director of Marketing – Calcio. com will allow us to get closer to football fans and to engage a younger and more digitized audience by providing interesting content and valuable insights about the world of football. Calcio. com’s innovative engaging platform will allow us to diversify our business and to address the new generations remaining connected to the sports universe, in which we have always operated”.

Planet Entertainment’s ambitious goal is to transform Calcio. com into a multimedia handbook of the most beautiful game in the world. The website is accessible to everyone and provides a 100% infotainment editorial offer, not only thanks to data and in-depth analyses but also with videos, and podcasts, produced by a specialised team that is following the new trends.