Exercise of warrants in Better Collective A/S; Board of Directors issues 136,536 new ordinary shares

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In the exercise window which opened on November 17, 2021 following Better Collective’s Q3 report and closed on December 2, 2021, 24 employees have informed the company that they wish to exercise in total 136,536 warrants under the 2017 warrant program.

The 2017 warrant program was established prior to the company’s IPO and the warrants were issued in 2017 and 2018. Reference is made to schedule 2 of the company’s articles of association for detailed terms of conditions of the warrants.

As of November 17, 2021, 453,990 warrants remain outstanding under the 2017 warrant program, all with rights to subscribe for 1 ordinary share in Better Collective A/S against payment of an exercise price of DKK 12.963 per warrant.

Today Better Collective’s board of directors resolved to carry out the capital increase related to the exercise of warrants.

The new shares will be issued through VP Securities under the Company’s ordinary ISIN DK0060952240 and be listed and tradable on Nasdaq Stockholm following registration of the new share capital with the Danish Business Authority.

The new shares will entail a dilution of approximately 0.3 percent for existing shareholders of Better Collective A/S.

The total share capital of Better Collective A/S following the issue is nominally EUR 546,251.57 made up of 54,625,157 shares of each EUR 0.01.