GameMaker launches new learning resources empowering game creators to take their skills to the next level

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Start your game design journey this holiday and let GameMaker’s new Coaching program, Drag and Drop tutorial and free monthly Asset Bundles be your gift to creating great games.

Whether you’re just making your first game or designing your next hit, overcoming creative and technical challenges is an important part of the journey. This is why GameMaker is launching a range of new learning resources to help creators take their design skills to the next level this Christmas and beyond.

First is GameMaker Coaching – a new learning program designed to get creators quickly making great games. With GameMaker Coaching, creators can access a growing library of learning materials, produced and delivered by professional GameMaker developers. To start, GameMaker Coaching is launching a regular webinar series that will run throughout 2022, delivered by expert coaches, including Aaron Craig, Josia Roncancio, and Gurpreet Singh Matharoo. The first webinar, entitled “Introduction to GameMaker Language (GML)”, will take place on 26th January 2022, 1pm PST / 9pm GMT and will be delivered by Aaron Craig. Creators can sign up by visiting

In January, creators will also be able to access pre-recorded training videos. The first, created by Peter Morgan (aka Slyddar), will explore some various uses of GameMaker’s powerful animation tool, Sequences. With more videos being added regularly and new learning formats being introduced throughout the year.

Next is Hero’s Trail – the latest free Drag and Drop tutorial for GameMaker beginners. Created by Gurpreet Singh Matharoo, the six-part tutorial series enables creators to build a high-quality action-adventure game, in which a brave knight must navigate a spooky castle to reveal hidden gold coins.

Finally, GameMaker is introducing new monthly Asset Bundles, which are free for GameMaker subscribers to download. The Asset Bundles are perfect if you need some game artwork or quick sound effects, or want to get a nice looking prototype for designing your next big game.

Russell Kay, Head of GameMaker, said: “While it’s never been easier to start making  games with GameMaker, designing any game requires the creator to learn new skills and solve numerous problems. GameMaker Coaching has been designed to support creators through every step of their game design journey. So now every creator has access to their own team of industry experts, ready to help them make the best game possible.”

Krystian Kolondra, EVP PC & Gaming at Opera, added: “We believe that making games is for everyone. This is why we’ve made GameMaker free to use and made it possible for everyone to share their creations with an audience of millions, in just one-click’.

“Our grand vision is to make creating and sharing games as easy as posting on a social media platform, but just like starting a blog or creating an online video, if you’ve never done it before the chances are you might need a little guidance. This is why we’re introducing GameMaker Coaching, plus our latest free tutorial and monthly Asset Bundles, so that more creators can hopefully make and share games they are proud of.”

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