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Casino Goldsvet 8 MRS 2021 download


Goldsvet 8 download, New version of Goldsvet 8.0 / MRS 2021 with more then 1000+ branded clone casino games with 100% winning on all bets & ready payment gateways added.


Goldsvet 8 download

New version of Goldsvet 8.0 / MRS / Casino Club (updates August 2021)
Many updates from Goldsvet. Plus added new games.

without a subscription fee - no license fee and you can install on unlimited domains as you like.
Installation manual included.

The script is decoded and untied from the GOLDSVET license.

{1} The casino script does not have bindings to the domain.
{2} All games are decrypted with open source.
{3} More than 1000+ branded games.
{4} games in modern HTML5 format – work both on your computer and on the phone.

There are intelligible installation instructions. How to configure and install the script and server.
Possible assistance in installing a casino script for an additional fee
Whatever difficult task is to install the casino script – throw off the installation instructions in technical support to your hosting. You will configure the server for free – this is their work.


Additional services. It is possible to create an online version and add a modern template. It is also possible to connect payment systems of different countries. You can add a sports betting system to this script

CoinPayments payment systems. You can make any other that works with a casino.