Sports Betting Ads in Florida Are Now Forbidden By Google Ads

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In the future, sports betting ads and services will be banned and not allowed for promotion on Google Ads in Florida. This update by Google Ads was addressed after a federal judge in Washington DC overturned a Gaming Compact called the Florida-Seminole Tribal Gaming Compact.

Google does not support some sort of gambling advertising since the company promotes safe and responsible gambling that respects the standards of the gambling industry and the local gambling laws.

Every commercial about online casinos or gambling must abide by the rules and regulations of the country and target only countries that have an approved status. Also, logically, they mustn’t be promoted to underaged people and, of course, children. Therefore, all gambling commercials must have a link to a page that shows how to gamble responsibly. And on the support page, you need to get a list of the local rules and regulations that apply to that area.

Lastly, gambling ads can’t be promoted through Gmail, shopping ads, customer ratings annotations, and reservation display commercials and ads.

The disapproval of any extensions or ads that do not follow Google’s regulations is a distinct possibility. And if an ad is disapproved, it will not be suitable and used until the policy violation isn’t looked into and the ad is made applicable to be used and displayed.

Another option that is also available is that if users violate the rules more than once, there can be a suspension of their accounts. Depending on the situation, the user’s account may be suspended after a significant violation or even after a series of several small branches.

After this, all ads that are suspended will be terminated because of this action and all related accounts as well, permanently. Of course, all new accounts made during the account setup procedure will be suspended automatically.