Why regulation is good for the online gaming industry

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By James Bay, Customer Service Director at STICPAY 

“More countries are now looking closely at the online gaming industry and its regulation. This is a good thing that can only serve to make the industry more secure and give customers more confidence in the providers they use. 

“While differing regulations can make life more complicated for companies that operate across multiple jurisdictions, the inconvenience is offset by the benefits regulation brings. 

“Gambling is great fun and can be very rewarding, but we all know that there are potentially serious downsides to it. Online gaming is no different. Regulation is there to protect people from unscrupulous operators and that is something we will always support and welcome. 

“Those who try to challenge regulation do so because they fear a loss of profit. A fair profit can be made while adhering to regulations that protect customers from fraud, exploitation, and unscrupulous operators. 

“Genuine companies with secure networks and honest business principles have nothing to fear from regulation.”